Cold Weather Concrete

Non Chloride Accelerator

Is a non-corrosive, non-chloride admixture. It accelerates hydration, which results in shorter setting time and increases early compressive strengths. This is often used during cold winter-weather concrete placement. This additive is added at the plant during batching.

Calcium Chloride

Acts the same as a non-chloride accelerator but it is not recommended for use where there is reinforcing steel, metal decks or electrical conduit. This additive is added at the plant during batching.

Hot Water

Hot water is added at the plant during batching when cold weather is present. Hot water accelerates set up time and strength. Cold weather concrete usually starts during the fall and continues until spring. Cold weather is defined as a period when, for more than 3 consecutive days, the following conditions exist: 1) the average daily air temperature is less than 40 degrees F. 2) the air temperature is not greater than 50 degrees F for more than one-half of any 24-hour period. The average daily air temperature is the average of the highest and lowest temperatures occurring during the period from midnight to midnight.


Hanford Lome Topsoil

Made from RIVER BOTTOM SANDY LOME – Our Topsoil originated from Hanford Lome. The Hanford Lome is found along the consumnes river.

Our topsoil receives it’s growing status by adding compost, peet moss, mushroom compost, nutrients and nitrogen measuring phosphates and hot ash which are needed in Topsoil creating a blended mix to have growth in your plants.


Hanford Compost

50/50 Mix is a richer mix. A more quality mix. This quality of compost mix is used for lawns flower beds, plants & vegetable gardens. Our 50/50 compost is mixed with dustwood, cow solids, green waste, and rice hauls heated at 130 degrees cooking all the seeds so there’s no sprouting from our compost. 70/30 is almost the same but a bit less in quality but still retaining strong nutrients. Still a very great mixture to use. Decisions on mixture will be based on what you’ll grow.

Compost allows for aeration and drainage. Difference in price from topsoil is about 5-8 dollars a yard.

50/50 = 50% Topsoil 50% Compost
70/30 = 70% Topsoil 30% Compost